Why You Should Consider Buying Promotional And Executive Pens

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If you run a business or have your own brand, then you are probably looking for ways to increase brand recognition and encourage employee loyalty. One such tool that you can use to kill both birds with one stone is the simple pen. Promotional and executive pens are both great choices if you want simple, yet elegant solutions.

What are promotional pens?

Simply put, these are branded pens that you can distribute frequently to potential customers. The pens are often of moderate quality, but exceedingly easy to produce and thus quite cheap. If you want to spread your brand far and wide, then promotional pens are fairly cheap when compared to other forms of advertising. If possible, you should try to get a bulk order discount if you do design and order promotional pens. You will likely need a lot of them in the future, so it's a good idea to save some money now by buying in bulk.

The underlying idea is that a person will use your pen and either subconsciously or consciously begin to think about your brand more and more. Pens are often needed at the drop of a pin, so the average person is likely to find the closest executive pen and use it. This can result in a positive association with your brand if your promotional pen was there to help them in their moment of need.

What are executive pens?

On the other hand, executive pens are much more expensive and of much higher quality. Due to their higher quality, it is common for them to be engraved or otherwise marked with a personalized message. As the name might suggest, they are often given to executives within a company, since giving them to every employee might prove too expensive.

While these pens can be used as gifts and rewards for continued service, they also do serve a role in retaining employees. When you give an executive pen to an employee, they will likely use it fairly frequently. This constant usage helps keep the message of the pen at the front of their minds, that message being that they are important enough to warrant an expensive and personalized pen.

In general, it's a good idea to ensure that your employees understand their value to their company, and there are few ways that are easier to do that than with an executive pen. While the upfront cost may seem a bit high, you should remember that you aren't just buying a pen. You're also paying for a tool to increase loyalty amongst your employees.