4 Crucial Places To Look For New Mover Leads

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When you have a product or service that caters to people who have recently moved into your area, finding those people can seem like a difficult task. However, the easiest way to find these leads is to simply think like someone who just moved. By looking in the places that a new transplant to your area is sure to go, you'll be able to find multiple people to advertise to. Here are 4 place to look. 

1. The Utility Company

For most new movers, utility companies are literally the very first places they find and go to in order to get services turned on in their new home. This might not be quite so critical for some apartment-dwellers if utilities are included in the rent, but you could still find some people who live in apartments getting services turned on in their name. 

2. The Post Office

When people need to have their address forwarded, they usually go to the post office to do it. And, if they really are brand-spanking-new to town, they may not have gotten internet service for their home yet, and may be going to the post office to get stamps and mail off checks for bills. 

3. The Department of Motor Vehicles

Newcomers will be going to this department for two reasons: To register their vehicles in that particular state and to get a new driver's license. Fortunately for you, these people often spend a long time in the DMV, so they'll have plenty of time to read any materials that are available in the office, 

4. The Unemployment Office

Depending upon the unemployment rate in your area, the Department of Labor or Career Services in your area may be chocked full of people who have moved but are currently living off of savings and will be needing a job within the next few weeks or months. Even if someone moved because they couldn't afford to live on their own any more, they may still be living with someone with the means to be able to purchase your service or product. 

Taking a look in these four places can give you a great start for leads for new movers. Don't hesitate to also try businesses that are surrounding these establishments. For instance, there may be a restaurant across the street from the DMV or a gas station on the same block as the utility company. Delve into these pools of leads and you're sure to come up with an increase in sales!