Marketing Tips: Boost Your Business By Offering Discount Cards

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Discount cards are powerful marketing tools that you can use for everyone's advantage, including your own. To get the most out of your discount card campaign, you should understand certain psychological cues. The following guide will help you use discount cards to show how much you care for your clients and help boost your business at the same time.

Use Time To Your Advantage As You Advertise

Consider highlighting that your potential customers will be spending time using your money instead of theirs. Studies have shown that people feel a personal connection to the idea of time. Time is a personal concept and finite to every person, so this is something your customers may understand on a subconscious level. 

Recognize The Relationship-Building Opportunity

You want potential customers to feel as if going somewhere else is a betrayal to your business. And to make people feel like that, you need to establish a relationship. Offering a discount or a way for potential customers to use your money instead of theirs is a great opportunity to build a relationship with your potential customers. People have a harder time betraying a person or--in this case--a business that they have a relationship with.

Think about having free samples of your product or service to give to people. This will help your business be more memorable in the eyes of customers. Be sure that you do not make the mistake of neglecting the other services or products you offer. The discounted items or services may be attractive to potential customers, but you should let them see what else they might need while they are browsing through your establishment. 

You Might Get A Reputation Boost

People sometimes perceive businesses as establishments looking to take advantage of them. The discount offers you give will provide an opportunity to show your desire to be a helping hand in your community. You could emphasize that you understand that the current financial economy may make it harder to spend money. But--with you around--people can spend less and still get the things they need.

And this may also encourage customers to spread the word about your business, which may bring in more business. 

Be sure to talk to your marketing team or specialist about some of these ideas, as you consider ways to market your discount cards. But you can see that offering a discount card opens up a new opportunity for your business. A successful business is more than just attracting customers; it is also about creating loyalty. You may want to set up a discount card fundraiser to get business moving as well.