Ways To Make A Bold Statement And Go Big With Your Advertising Campaign

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If you've just launched a new business one of the first things you have likely considered is getting your name in front of the masses. This can be challenging, even with a good marketing team in place. You have to be able to effectively grab your customer's attention and get them to call you or visit your place of business. Unfortunately in many cases, important advertising campaigns can be easily passed over by consumers because of poor ad placement or getting lost amongst competitors' advertisements. Make your business stand out with some of these ideas when you launch your next ad campaign.

Aerial Billboards

Stepping outside of the box to grab the attention of your potential customers can really go a long way. Creating an unforgettable statement about your business name and what you do may click in someone's mind and spark further interest for them to come and visit your business. You can do this by hiring an ad company that specializes in aerial advertising. Their design team will sit down with you and hone in on what message you're trying to convey. Maybe you are promoting a product or a grand opening. From there, the team will create a large billboard that can be seen several thousand feet above the ground. This billboard will be towed behind a small plane that will target a downtown area or location where most of your target customer base resides.

Helicopter Banners

Banners advertising an upcoming product or event should be bright and catchy to the human eye. An advertising company that will create a colorful banner and tow it behind a helicopter is a great way to get noticed. Large letters covering up to 10,000 square feet of space can really draw the eye in. This is a perfect choice for a fly over when there is a large crowd gathering at a concert or fair.


Another way to make a statement is through skywriting. This is a unique type of art lettering that is offered through an experienced aerial design team. Using smoke oil and a pre-fabricated design theme, a team of pilots and designers will come up with a small single word or number sequence to highlight your business. Keep in mind that if you want the skywriting to coincide with an outdoor event, if the weather is not clear or it's very windy, the writing can become distorted. This type of lettering only lasts a few minutes in the sky. 

Digital Marquee

Attracting customers to your business starts with grabbing their attention and then following through with a sale or more information. Accomplish this through creating an ad campaign on a large digital marquee outside your building. Digital capabilities allow you to custom create information and change it easily to accommodate promotions and sales.

Creating a bold statement is the best way to make your voice heard. Using several of these techniques once or annually may help put you ahead of your competition.