Unique Website Design Helps Personal Trainers Perform Effective Niche Marketing

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Personal trainers targeting a specific, potentially lucrative, niche would benefit from publishing a website heralding their service. While marketing online to a niche is a good idea, producing a bland and generic website undermines promotional success. The website must combine a creative look with solid marketing tricks in order to captivate potential clients. Only professional web design companies employ the staff capable of effectively delivering on these results.

Targeting the "Before and After Hours" Group

Professionals working long hours lament their inability to locate a personal trainer willing to accommodate their schedules. If you are are available for sessions between 4 A.M. and 7 A.M. or 8 P.M. and 10 P.M., this niche is one you could market towards. Your website, however, should not just present hours of availability. The look of he site must employ design concepts that really grab attention. These concepts could Include:

  • Presenting a strong visual image that define the niche

The homepage definitely would benefit from the visuals of a trainer working with a client at the gym. The image becomes more beneficial if the background featured a large windows revealing the training session is taking place at night. Since you are seeking clients interested in atypical training hours, clearly establishing nighttime on the landing page is a nice touch and one that may draw them in.

  • Crafting a visually-appealing index of pages

Website margins usually include an index of links to various sub-pages. A personal trainer's website commonly features pages providing content on rates, trainer certifications, the location of gym, and more. Simply listing these links in a bland column, however, is boring. Putting the links inside of a "Manhattan skyscraper" with a Big Ben-like clock is going to have a good impact on working professionals. Having the clock set at "6 A.M." helps get across the special hours the trainer is available.

  • Positioning an eye-catching email address solicitation

Adding a submission tool so visitors can provide their email for future updates and solicitations is a good idea. A functional-but-dull-looking button isn't all that great. Putting the button on top of a flexing arm with the words "click here" on the bulging biceps is a nice touch. The image adds a sense of humor and is, most importantly, hard to miss.

These are just a few of the design tricks a website could employ. A skilled professional designer could come up with similar and even better ideas.

Pro Designers Do the Best Job

Forget about trying to put a uniquely original website together with a DIY building program. Leave the job to the pros at website design companies. They possess the right creativity and knowledge of marketing to deliver the perfect look.