Choosing Uniforms For Staff In Your Casual Dining Establishment

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Uniforms offer a host of benefits for casual dining establishments. They make it easier for customers to locate staff, and they add an extra bit of professionalism to your workplace. If you are looking for uniform options you can use to improve your brand, here are a few corporate apparel ideas to consider.

Customized Polo Shirts

Polo shirts offer universal appeal, as they offer a casual look while giving you a range of color options to choose from. You can select polos that coordinate with your brand logo, and you can even provide your staff with polos in each of the colors found in your logo to mix things up a bit. Have the polo shirts customized with your company logo, and consider taking the customization one step further by having employee names embroidered on the shirts.

Personalized Aprons

If you can't commit to providing full uniforms for your staff, personalized aprons can be a great alternative. Employees can wear their own clothes underneath while still making it easy for customers to identify them. Consider having a custom design created for your aprons that features your business name and logo. Have each apron personalized with your employee names so each staff member has a dedicated apron to care for.

Embroidered Button-Downs

Embroidered button-downs give your staff a sophisticated look while still keeping with the casual atmosphere of the restaurant. Look for shirts and blouses in black, navy blue, or another dark color. This helps prevent stains that can appear during the workday from being as noticeable, and the darker background can make your embroidered company logo stand out. Work with a corporate apparel design team to ensure your logo is the right size and color palette to work with the shirts. You can also have the shirts screen-printed if you want to save money on embroidering.

Once you've decided on the top or apron option, discuss expectations for pants, shoes, and other pieces of apparel. You may want to require black pants and shoes for a uniform look, or you may prefer khaki pants to go with lighter shirts. You'll want to put all of your expectations for the uniform in your employee handbook. These expectations should include keeping the uniform shirts or aprons clean at all times. To help your staff stick with the expectations, consider providing them each with a set of two or more shirts and aprons. If you decide to provide pants as well, work with your corporate apparel company to place a bulk order for the pants, shirts, and aprons.

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