What's Your Target Audience? The Biggest Question In Advertising, And Its Multiple Answers

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In advertising, the most commonly asked question is, "Who is your target audience?" This one question regulates all decisions in how to approach a product or service, how to market it based on cultural and racial norms, and knowing how the product may be received by a target audience. Here are all the ways in which this question may be answered and addressed with advertising approaches.

TV and Your Target Audience

Audience-targeted TV advertising services are an especially important part of the whole process. Almost every home in the U.S. now has at least one TV, which means that whatever your target audience is, you want to reach them through TV first. Not only can you address a targeted race or culture with your advertising through the medium of TV, but you can also use area-specific ads to target a group. For example, say that you wanted to focus your advertising on African Americans in Compton, California. You would first appeal to their habitation of this city, and then to the significance of their racial heritage without being racist or provocative. With most products and services, this highly focused advertising can and is very effective. 

Mailers and Your Target Audience

Everyone gets snail mail, and it is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience. In this case, your audience could be all adults, age twenty to sixty-five. That is a very large and very diverse target audience, but if you are selling something like travel plans or insurance, it is exactly the right target audience. As long as all of your mailers are appropriately stamped, the postal workers will deliver them to every mailbox in the general target area to which you want to send the mailers. 

Email and Your Target Audience

When it comes to using email, your target audience is probably anyone under the age of thirty, or every business within a fifty-mile radius of your company. Depending on which of these you are targeting, you will use very different, but professional, language to address your audience. When you do not know how to write an effective business email for either audience, that is where an advertising agency can construct the proper marketing emails for you. It is often part of the service packages they provide when you come to them asking for help to reach a specific cross-section of the population for your products.