3 SEO Marketing Tips For Doctors

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Word-of-mouth and phone book advertisements are no longer the main way doctors are attracting new patients. As a doctor, you need a competitive website and name recognition if you want to attract new patients. There are several strategies to boost your search engine rankings with SEO marketing.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords should be incorporated into your website and content. The main reason long-tail keywords work well is because they are less competitive. If you are a podiatrist, focusing on "podiatrist" or "foot doctor" means your website simply sinks to the bottom of search engine results because every podiatrist is competing for these keywords. The best way to devise long-tail keywords is to think about how ordinary people, such as your patients, ask questions or search for information. People likely want to know about "treatments for toenail fungus" or "natural cures for foot fungus."

Show Rather Than Tell

You have probably noticed a surge in videos on the internet about dermatology or podiatry. Not only does showing procedures online boost your popularity on the internet, but it also helps with search engine rankings. Assuming you label your videos appropriately, you have the opportunity to capture traditional and video searches. Even if you would prefer not to show procedures online, find other ways to produce video content. Another alternative is to produce informative content about different conditions you treat or general concerns you see in the office. You will want to cross-post these videos by adding them to both a video-sharing platform and your website or social media platforms. This way, you can capture traffic in multiple locations with the same content.

Make Use Of Your Location

Every doctor should capitalize on location-based searches. When people search for a doctor, they will either search for a specific type of doctor in the area or Google will automatically show them the closest doctors. In addition to keeping your search engine directory information updated with current information, including your website, you want to incorporate your location into long-tail keywords. Another strategy is to create keywords that include landmarks or places near where you are located. Some people will not only search by city, but they may want to find a doctor near a specific place, like a store or college.

With more doctors having video and social media followings, now is the opportunity to use strategies to enhance your SEO marketing. Doctors who invest in SEO are more likely to see a significant increase in their name recognition and attract new patients.