Planning The Perfect Grand Opening With Advertising Inflatables

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Advertising inflatables are eye-catching and can grab people's attention from the street to bring them flocking to your grand opening. Make the most of your inflatable advertising with these tips for the perfect grand opening. 


Placing your advertising balloon where it will actually be seen is key. When you have an opening for a business that is tucked away in the middle of many other businesses and the area gets plenty of foot traffic, you can easily direct people to your establishment when you place the balloon near the entrance of your business. People will walk by and be pulled in by the colorful display. If your business is a bit far from other businesses or is in an area without a lot of pedestrian traffic, consider placing the balloon farther out, near the road. The advertising balloon will be noticed by passing cars, and people will pop in to see what's up. Another way to increase visibility is to send out flyers with the same colors and shapes as your grand opening balloon so that people can easily find the party. 


The grand opening advertising balloon brings people in, and the promise of food will keep them there long enough to take a look at your business. Depending on your business, food can range from free pizza or popcorn to simple branded, wrapped candies. 

Advertising Merchandise:

Grand opening balloons are often customizable, and you can order one that matches your business. You can also offer customized merchandise as handouts at a grand opening, getting advertising while you draw people's interest. T-shirts are a popular choice and ensure that your brand is seen in the coming months and years. Other popular choices are water bottles or frisbees — items that are cheap to produce but useful to almost everyone. 


A grand opening balloon screams fun; make sure that your opening delivers. Some places have games, drawings, or face painting to keep people interested. What you do depends on what your business is. 

Opening Sales: 

When people see an eye-catching balloon, they think of sales and deals. A great way to generate business when you are just starting out is to offer special discounts on your merchandise or services. 

Work to Bring in Your Target Customers: 

The type of grand opening balloon you choose should reflect the type of customers you are trying to pull in. A big inflatable smiley face, face painting, and popcorn are a great grand opening for a toy company or a daycare that is trying to appeal to kids. A more sophisticated blue or red grand opening inflatable with candy and drawings for free merchandise is great for an electronics or shoe store that caters to adults. 

To learn more, contact a resource that supplies grand opening advertising inflatables.