Custom Promotional Products That A Hockey Team Can Give Out

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If you run a minor league hockey team, one of your goals will be to draw fans to your games. There are lots of ways to encourage fan attendance, including affordable ticket prices and a team that is competitive in the league. You should also entertain the idea of custom products to hand out to your fans when they enter the building. This is an idea that teams in all sports do for select games, and it can be a good way to boost ticket sales. There are lots of hockey-specific promotional products that you may wish to consider, so search online to find a company that carries them.

Mini Hockey Sticks

Plastic mini hockey sticks are popular among children, who use them to play hockey while kneeling in their homes and even during recess at school. Many promotional product companies can print your team's information on these small sticks. A common option is to have your team's name appear along the length of the stick's shaft, with the logo appearing on the blade. Not only will your younger fans enjoy receiving these sticks to play with in the future, but many fans will also enjoy waving their sticks in the air to cheer on your team.

Foam Pucks

While you likely sell team-branded pucks at your souvenir shop, you may wish to order foam pucks with your team's name and logo. Not only will they be more affordable to order than real pucks, but they also won't compete with the real pucks that you're selling. Lots of kids will enjoy receiving foam pucks that pay tribute to your team and will be eager to use them at home. Parents will also appreciate this giveaway item, as its soft nature is unlikely to cause damage in the home.

Noise Makers

Hockey fans can shout, clap their hands, and stomp their feet to cheer on the home team, but many fans enjoy having noise makers to use at games. Lots of promotional product companies sell various noise makers that are popular at sporting events. For example, you'll often see plastic devices that look like a pair of hands. When you shake the device, the hands move as though they're clapping — and produce a loud sound in the process. Having your team's logo appear on the hands will provide a fun item for your fans to use at your games, and perhaps even at home while watching on TV.